MI Paste and MI Paste Plus

MI Paste truly is one of the great dental products available today. It has many uses and I have seen some great results using it on patients for white spot reversal. The MI in MI Paste stands for minimally invasive. Minimally Invasive dentistry is a movement within the dental field to prevent and repair problems before they become serious enough to need drilling and filling. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are similar products, the difference between the two is the addition of fluoride into MI Paste Plus.

MI Paste Flavors

Both MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are available in five flavors: Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla, Tutti Fruity, and Melon. They can be purchased individually or in boxes of 10. Generally a tube of MI Paste will last about three months when used twice a day.

Buy MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today

Have you ever been to the dentist and he told you that there were some areas that he wanted to watch until your next visit. He saw a small cavity, one that has not broken through the enamel yet. If it had he would have recommended filling it. At this early stage it is possible for that small cavity to remineralize or harden back up so that the filling can be avoided. The enamel needs fluoride and excellent home care to become hard again. The fluoride will harden only the top layer of the enamel. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus instead of a traditional take home fluoride can benefit these take this a step farther. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus can harden the subsurface enamel if used as directed.

MI Paste or MI Paste Plus is for You if…

  • You have dry mouth also called xerostomia
  • You suffer from sensitivity
  • You have braces
  • You have white spots on your teeth
  • You are whitening your teeth
  • You have fluoriosis
  • You want to improve your enamel’s appearance
  • You have tooth erosion
  • You drink carbonated drinks, wine or energy drinks
  • You are pregnant with morning sickness
  • You have gastric reflux
  • For babies and toddlers
  • Your home care needs improvement
  • You have cavities
  • You have areas of recession where the root surface is showing above the gum line
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, especially of the head and neck
  • You are taking multiple medications
  • You are a Methamphetamine user

If any of these sound like you get your MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today to prevent decay.

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Dry Mouth a very common problem and most people think that they just have to deal with it. It is more than a discomfort. Lack of saliva increases the risk of severe decay and sensitivity. Saliva is important because it helps to buffer acids. Without saliva the PH of the mouth becomes much more acidic. Dry mouth can be caused by medications, chemotherapy, radiation therapy to the head and neck, certain diseases, smoking, drug use, and stress.

MI Paste Plus is recommended for this situation. It has a slippery soothing feeling in the mouth. MI Paste Plus has calcium, phosphate and fluoride. These building blocks strengthen the teeth and corrects the oral pH to prevent the rapid decay that is common in patients with dry mouth.

Dry Mouth Causes

  • Medications, many medications cause dry mouth. The more medications you take the more likely you are to experience dry mouth.
  • Cancer Treatments- Chemotherapy and Head or Neck Radiation Therapy can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth usually clears up after chemotherapy is discontinued, but in the case of head and neck radiation dry mouth is usually permanent.
  • Health Conditions such as Diabetes, Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, hypertension, stroke, mumps and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
  • Nerve damage in the head and neck area cause by either surgery or injury

Directions for use for Patients with Dry Mouth

  • Place a pea sized amount of MI Paste Plus on your finger
  • Spread MI Paste Plus over all tooth surfaces with your finger
  • Use your tongue to spread the MI Paste Plus over all surfaces, this will distribute the MI Paste Plus evenly
  • Custom trays may be recommended on a case by case basis, ask your dental hygienist if she recommends them for you
  • Leave the MI Paste Plus on the teeth for 3-5 minutes
  • When the the 3-5 minutes is up spit out any excess, but do not rinse
  • Use MI Paste Plus at least twice a day, but it can be used as often as needed for comfort
MI Paste applied with the finger and tongue

MI Paste applied with the finger and spread with the tongue

Buy MI Paste to treat your dry mouth and keep those teeth strong.

Acid Erosion

Acid erosion happens when something acidic comes in contact with the tooth’s enamel on a regular basis. Whenever the acidic substance comes in contact with the enamel it weakens it. Continued exposure can wear away the teeth. This can reduce the thickness of the enamel, even completely destroy it. Sensitivity often results from continued acid erosion.

Causes of acid erosion

  • Frequently drinking carbonated beverages, energy drinks, wine or citrus juices
  • Sour candies
  • Sucking on citrus fruits
  • Morning Sicknes
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Eating disorders
  • Chemotherapy, because of the nausea associated with it

Directions for use for patients with Acid Erosion

  • MI Paste Plus is recommended for patients with acid erosion, with the exception of Pregnant women. MI Paste is recommended for pregnant women
  • Put a pea sized amount of MI Paste Plus on your finger
  • Spread it over all tooth surfaces
  • Use your tongue to spread it around
  • Custom trays are recommended to hold the MI Paste Plus in place
  • Leave the MI Paste Plus on the teeth for 3-5 minutes
  • After 3-5 minutes spit out any extra but do not rinse
  • Clean your trays and allow them to air dry
  • Use MI Paste Plus at least twice a day, your dental hygienist may recommend more frequent use depending on your case. For example, if you are vomiting frequently you may want to use the finger application only after each episode of vomiting and use the trays at bedtime

Buy MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today to start reversing the damage done by all that acid.


Sensitivity is one of the most frequent complaints I hear as a dental hygienist. You do not have to suffer. Sometimes over the counter products are not enough to help a patient with sensitivity. MI Paste Plus helps reduce sensitivity by occluding open dentin tubules (closing off the openings into the dentin that cause sensitivity).

Causes of Sensitivity

  • Whitening or Bleaching procedures. MI Paste Plus can be used before and after whitening to prevent or treat sensitivity.
  • Recession- areas of root that are showing above the gum line
  • Acid erosion
  • Cavities, cracked or broken teeth may cause sensitivity, but these are not fixed by MI Paste. It is important to tell your dental hygienist about sensitivity cause can be determined.

Directions for use for Sensitivity

  • MI Paste can be used before and immediately after whitening for sensitivity, then after as needed. For general sensitivity MI Paste should be used whenever the patient is experiencing sensitivity on an as needed basis
  • Place a pea sized amount of MI Paste on your finger
  • Spread MI Paste over your teeth with your finger, then use your tongue to spread it around more
  • If you have custom trays put them in
  • Leave the MI Paste Plus on the teeth for 3-5 minutes
  • After 3-5 minutes remove trays and spit but do not rinse
  • If you were using trays clean them and let them air dry

Buy MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today to make the sensitivity and pain go away.

Infants, Children and Special Needs Patients

When teeth first erupt they are vulnerable to decay. The ideal time to strengthen teeth is when they first erupt. Using MI Paste is safe for children under 6 years. Since it doesn’t contain fluoride, it is safe to swallow. Infants and children continue to have new teeth erupt until their early teens. The addition of MI Paste to a daily oral care routine will help strengthen teeth and prevent decay.

Patients with special needs may have a hard time maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Physical or mental disabilities can make it hard to keep plaque off tooth surfaces. Using MI Paste can help lower the pH to reduce chances of decay in the mouth and put minerals back into the tooth that have been lost

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus

MI Paste is for children under 6 and pregnant women, MI Paste Plus for everyone else

Directions for use for infants, children and special needs patients

  • MI Paste should be used for children under 6 years. MI Paste Plus can be used on older children and special needs patients
  • Place a pea sized amount, or less of MI Paste on your finger and spread over the tooth surfaces. Use less on younger children because there is less area to spread it onto
  • If the child is able to have them spread it around with their tongue
  • Leave the MI Paste on for at least 3-5 minutes
  • After 3-5 minutes spit out excess but do not rinse
  • MI Paste is safe to swallow

MI Paste or MI Paste Plus is a great way to help keep kids mouths healthy, buy some today to keep away decay.


Having braces makes keeping plaque off the teeth much more difficult. Often times patients stop flossing or do not spend enough time cleaning around their braces. Other times a patient may put the time in, but just having braces makes it so much harder to keep plaque off the teeth. There are so many spots for the plaque to become trapped. When plaque is allowed to stay on the teeth demineralization occurs. They appear as white spots. These areas are the beginning stages of cavities.

white spot lesions after ortho

Directions for use with braces

  • Squeeze a pea sized amount onto your finger
  • Spread over all tooth surfaces with your finger then use your tongue to assure it is on all surfaces
  • Leave on teeth for 3-5 minutes, then spit but do not rinse
  • Use once or twice a day while braces are on and continue use for 12 weeks after braces are removed

High Risk for Cavities

This category encompasses many of those mentioned above. It also includes those who snack on sugary or carbohydrate rich foods. Frequent snacking puts you at higher risk for tooth decay because the acid attack occurs whenever you eat a sugar or carbohydrate rich food and lasts for 20 minutes after eating it. If you eat or drink these things 3 times a day you will have 60 minutes of acid attack. If you snack all day long the acid attack will last all day long as well.

Some Risk Categories

  • Dry Mouth
  • Drinking soda or other sugary drinks
  • Frequently eating sugary or carbohydrate rich foods and candies
  • Tobacco and Drug use

For a comprehensive list of risk factors of tooth decay go to the Diseases in Dentistry Page and scroll down to the Cavities section

Purchase MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today to protect the investment you are making by getting braces.

White Spots

demineralized enamel

MI Paste does a great job getting rid of white spots on the teeth. It works for new white spots, or ones that have been there for years. White spot treatment is not the same as the directions for use for the other categories listed previously. To understand why more in depth treatment is needed you have to understand how teeth lose minerals and harden up again. The white spots appear when the tooth loses minerals and the structure is weakened. The addition of fluoride hardens the surface layer, but the area remains white because the subsurface is still weaker. In order to harden the weaker layer below what the fluoride has hardened we must get through the hard layer so the MI Paste can penetrate deeper into the white spot. The treatment for white spot lesions includes some in office treatment as well as some at home treatment

Treatment for white spots using MI Paste Plus

custom trays for MI Paste

Custom Trays

  • In Office- Custom trays will be fabricated. In order to do this impressions will be taken of your teeth. You will bite into a substance that starts out about the consistency of peanut butter and hardens in a few minutes. Once it hardens a model of your teeth will be made from them. Your custom trays will be made from this model. This may be done before you begin your white spot treatment in office so the trays are ready for you when you start.
  • In Office- The hygienist will prepare your teeth for the in office part of the white spot lesion therapy. First your teeth that have the spots will be polished with a pumice paste. This feels like when you get your teeth polished at a cleaning, but the paste has no flavor. You will rinse after this.
  • The next step is etching the teeth. The etch is a sour tasting, acidic gel that will soften up that hard outer layer of enamel so the MI Paste will be able to penetrate. The hygienist will place the etch only on the white spots for up to a minute. She will rinse it off, then blow air on the tooth to make sure the tooth has been etched for long enough.
  • Finally she will polish the MI Paste on to the teeth with the white spots and put the custom trays on your teeth to hold the MI Paste in place
  • You will sit in the chair with the trays on for 5 minutes. After this time you will spit out any excess but not rinse.
  • At home- You will wear your trays with MI Paste twice a day. I recommend applying the MI Paste with your finger, then putting the tray on. If you place the MI Paste in the tray directly you are much more likely to use too much and waste it.
  • In Office-You may need several sessions with the hygienist for in office treatments in addition to your at home applications. After a week or two of at home treatment you should return for reevaluation and re-etching if necessary. It may take 2-3 months of repeating this cycle to reverse white spots
  • Etching top teeth

    etching white spots for mi paste white spot therapy

    Etching only white spots

    Got Spots? Need MI Paste? Get it here.

    Where do I get MI Paste or MI Paste Plus?

    Many dental offices carry MI Paste. You can’t buy it over the counter. You can also purchase it online. Generally a tube on MI Paste or MI Paste Plus will last you about three months with twice daily use. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing. If you use it more frequently you may need to buy it more frequently. It may be more convenient for you to purchase a few tubes at a time so you don’t have to worry about running out between dental appointments.

    Buy MI Paste or MI Paste Plus today


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