Preventative Products

Prevention is king when it comes to dental hygiene. If you don’t like spending a lot of time at the dentist it is so important that you make prevention a priority too. I can’t make a page about prevention without reminding you about preventative procedures that take place at the dental office.

Prevention at your Dental Office


One key part of a preventative dental program is having a dental prophylaxis on a regular basis, usually every six months. In office fluoride treatments are also key in preventing decay and strengthening teeth.

Sealants are another procedure that can be done by your dental hygienist. This is a coating that is placed over the grooves of teeth that don’t have cavities or fillings to prevent cavities in these areas. By sealing these grooves bacteria can’t hide out and do damage on the chewing surface of the teeth.

Oral cancer screenings are also an extremely important part of prevention, although they do not actually prevent you from getting cancer they help with early diagnosis which can prevent a lot of pain and suffering in the long run.

These professional procedures alone are not enough to prevent problems and keep your teeth healthy. A large part of prevention has to do with what you do between those six month appointments. Key factors include the use of an electric toothbrush, properly cleaning in between your teeth and using products to strengthen your teeth. Oral health is a partnership between you and your dental hygienist, not a one way relationship.

Prevention at Home

prevention products


Technique and products combine to make an efficient and effective home care regimen. Using an expensive, high quality product incorrectly won’t help you. The key is to find the best products and use them the correct way. This can sometimes be confusing since many products can be used for different reasons and in different ways.

Gum Disease and cavities are not the only things we can prevent at home. Sensitivity, dry mouth and oral cancer are all things that can be effected by things we do at home. Oral health is effected by a lot of things. Systemic diseases, medications and lack of knowledge all contribute to problems in the mouth.

Periodontal Disease Prevention

  • Mouthwashes
  • Toothpaste
  • 1.1% Neutral Fluoride
  • Colgate Total
  • Crest Pro Health
  • Cloysis toothpaste
  • Nutrition
  • Control of influencing diseases
  • Sensitivity Prevention and Treatment

    • 1.1% Neutral Fluoride
    • Sensodyne
  • Soft Toothbrush
  • Fluoride Rinses
  • Cavity Prevention

    Dry Mouth- Xerostomia Treatment and Prevention

  • Gels
    • GC America Dry Mouth Gel
    • Oral Balance
    • Biotiene

    Oral Cancer Prevention

    This is a trickier category because there is not a product to prevent oral cancer, but there are things to help you stop doing thing that put you at risk for cancer, such as smoking cessation, reducing alcohol use and practicing safe sex. Yup, you heard me right. Safe sex can help reduce chances of catching HPV which is related to many new cases of oral cancer.

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