Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste

Have trouble getting your kids to brush for any length of time? It is a common problem and Dr. Howard Wright a retired dentist has invented a new toothpaste that helps kids brush for longer. This new brushing revolution is called Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste. Ok, well it may not be a revolution but if half of my child patients brushed an extra minute I would be a happy dental hygienist.

Brushing Time

Two minutes. That is what it takes. Two minutes twice a day. Two minutes is the average length of a song, or less than the average commercial break. Yet in a clinical study observing school aged children the average brushing time for these kids ages 11-13 was only 60.3 seconds1. The average kid is only brushing half as long as they should be according to this study. Adults don’t do much better. Several studies conducted show that adults report their brushing time to be longer that it actually is with average time brushing over these thee studies actually being 68 seconds, 72.8 seconds and 83.5 seconds2.

How Can Vortex Help

Vortex is a unique toothpaste that comes out of the tube red and blue. Brushing mixes the colors together causing the toothpaste to change to purple. If you want to see the color change, you need to put in the time brushing. This motivates kids to brush longer. (Couldn’t hurt for us grown ups who think we brush long enough but probably don’t.) The concept is simple, even kids know mixing colors creates new ones. Vortex just puts the fun back into brushing while getting kids to brush for longer. That is the key. Longer brushing time leads to more thorough plaque removal. Less plaque means less bacteria. Less bacteria means less acid attack on the teeth and (drum roll please) less cavities.

Fast Tube by Casper

What Else Makes Vortex Special?

  • SLS Free: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a foaming agent added to many toothpastes. It has been linked to canker sores and is drying which causes discomfort in patients with dry mouth from medications or undergoing cancer treatments3.
  • Light fresh bubble gum grape flavor that kids love.
  • Protection from cavities. Vortex color changing toothpaste has fewer parts per million of fluoride than most toothpastes, but the uptake into teeth is just as beneficial. By removing other chemicals from the toothpaste the fluoride can do its job better. Vortex is sweetened with Xylitol, a sweetener that bacteria can’t digest. They think they are eating but they starve. Dead bacteria don’t eat and cause decay.

I was so excited about this product when I heard about it that sat down to research and write this article immediately. If a child enjoys brushing a life long appreciation for oral health will develop. For all the adults out there who wish they started taking care of their teeth sooner this is a great teachable moment. Introduce fun dental hygiene products to the children in your life. Teach them that being healthy can be fun and be the role model that you may not have had.

Currently Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste is not available in stores, but Amazon does carry it.

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